About Brand

Why To Choose Priyal Bhardwaj

Priyal Bharadwaj is an eponymous design house started in 2010 and founded by a magnanimous personality who takes the honour and authority for bringing back the grand artisanal legacy of India. PB combines the right mix of history, folklore, traditions, village craft and dreamy hand woven sparkly world of Indian couture to create innovative masterpieces to celebrate every women and her story. PB portrays and looks forward to the different culture and tradition that gets reflected in the form of it’s weaves, colour and embroideries. Bringing the art of clothing to life with conceptualization, curation and handcrafted execution, PB allows you to experience the creativity of artisans across the country. It also cherishes weavers and artisans coming from underprivileged families in collaboration with “SANGINI SAHELI”. PB is all set to celebrate hand textiles, colours, silhouettes with the edginess of antique skills and techniques.